Full index of datasets

The NERC UK Drought and Water Scarcity Programme has released a large number of datasets, together with interfaces for accessing and visualising data over the web, and guidance for use of the data. For more information on these datasets are available at the below links or email Matt Fry.

Tools for data access

View datasets from the About Drought projects spatially on the Spatial Data Explorer.

The Drought Data Hub provides a simple, visual summary of the data outputs from the About Drought projects.

Historic hydro-meteorological data

Rescued and recovered data

Historic gridded Potential Evapotranspiration (PET), monthly and daily 5km grids, 1891-2015, based on temperatures [CEH]

Historic Standardised Precipitation Index (SPI)

Historic Standardised Streamflow Index (SSI) for 303 catchments (1891-2015) [CEH]

Historic reconstructions of daily river flow for 303 UK catchments (1891-2015) [CEH]

Reconstructed/modelled historic daily river flow for 1366 UK catchments the UK using the Decipher model, 1962-2015 [University of Bristol]

Reconstructed/modelled historic monthly gridded river flow and soil moisture for the UK from the Grid-to-Grid model, 1km grid, 18912015 [CEH]

Reconstructed historic groundwater level series for 54 boreholes, 1891-2015 [BGS]

Historic Standardised Groundwater level Index (SGI) for 54 UK boreholes reconstructed groundwater level time series (1891-2015) [BGS] 

Climate change projection data

Probabilistic time series based on the Weather at Home (W@H) event set (100 ensemble members for each time slice) for a baseline period (19742004) and two future periods (2020-2049 and 2070-2099) under the RCP8.5 high emission scenario.

The multi-disciplinary UK Drought and Water Scarcity research programme has produced a wide range of data outputs from research activities in many disciplines.

Cross-sectoral inventory of past droughts

Water abstraction restrictions and related economic losses in irrigated agriculture in England and Wales, including spatial dataset of irrigated crop areas.  

Historic droughts and irrigated agriculture – Interviews with growers in the Anglian region, UK.

Inventory of reservoirs amounting to 90% of total UK storage

Simulated monthly biological indicators for England and Wales 1964- 2012

References to past droughts from a variety of sectors, integrated into a consistent format to capture spatial and temporal reporting of drought:

Near real-time drought-related metrics

The following drought-related metrics have been focussed on within the Drought and Water Scarcity programme and are accessible in near-real time.

• Standardised Precipitation Index (SPI), 5km grid + catchments, monthly [CEH]

• Standardised Streamflow Index (SSI), selected gauging stations, monthly [CEH]

• Standardised Groundwater Level Index (SGI), selected boreholes, monthly [BGS]

Available through the UK Drought Portal: https://eip.ceh.ac.uk/droughts