Drought and Water Scarcity Special Issue

The Frontiers Research Topic aims to consolidate cutting-edge, international research on drought and water scarcity from the About Drought programme, highlighting critical gaps in understanding and setting urgent priorities for research and action, providing an international platform for generating an integrated, systems perspective on this complex, multidimensional and socially constructed environmental hazard. Although this Research Topic builds on contributions from the international About Drought 2019 Conference (Pembroke College, University of Oxford, 20-21 March 2019), and the About Drought programme, the special issue is open to the international drought research community, for papers that reflect international diversity in responding to this significant global hazard. The special issue is open-access allowing all to access the articles.

There are already eleven articles published in the Frontiers Research Topic, which are listed below and more are due to be added over spring 2021. There is more information on the Research Topic webpage.

New! Drought and Water Scarcity Management Policy in England and Wales—Current Failings and the Potential of Civic Innovation by Kevin Grecksch and Catharina Landström

New! Science-narrative Explorations of ‘Drought Thresholds’ in the Maritime Eden Catchment, Scotland: Implications for Local Drought Risk by Lindsey McEwen, Kimberly Bryan, Andrew Black, James Blake and Muhammad Afzal

New! Towards ‘Creative Participatory Science’: Exploring Future Scenarios Through Specialist Drought Science and Community Storytelling by Antonio Liguori, Lindsey McEwen, James Blake and Michael Wilson

New! A Multi-level Framework for Apaptation to Drought Within Temperate Agriculture by Ian Holman, Tim Hess and Jerry Knox

New! Monitoring Droughts from GRACE by Bramha Vishwakarma

Water Scarcity Communication in the UK: Learning From Water Company Communications Following the 2018 Heatwave by Ruth Larbey and Emma Weitkamp

Framing the End: Analyzing Media and Meaning Making During Cape Town’s Day Zero by Denise Voci , Catherine J. Bruns , Stella Lemke and Franzisca Weder

A 7-Year Lag Precipitation Teleconnection in South Australia and Its Possible Mechanism by Lingli Fan, Huade Guan , Wenju Cai , C. P. Rofe and Jianjun Xu

Impacts of Droughts and Acidic Deposition on Long-Term Surface Water Dissolved Organic Carbon Concentrations in Upland Catchments in Wales by Jaeyoung Lee , Paul G. Whitehead, Martyn N. Futter and Jim W. Hall

How does personalization in news stories influence intentions to help with drought? Assessing the influence of state empathy and its antecedents by Dara M Wald , Erik W Johnston, Ned Wellman and John Harlow

The resilience of inter-basin transfers to severe droughts with changing spatial characteristics by Anna Murgatroyd and Jim W Hall