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The drought myth "Droughts only happen in the summer" is busted by Jamie Hannaford (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology), Andrew McKenzie (British Geological Survey) and Andrew Tucker (Thames Water).

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Watch this Introducing ENDOWS webinar to get an introduction to our current phase of work within the UK Drought and Water Scarcity Programme - ENDOWS: Engaging diverse stakeholders and publics with outputs from the UK Drought and Water Scarcity programme.

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Transcripts of the episodes can be found on the Experiences of drought page.

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Droughts and water scarcity jointly pose a substantial threat to the environment, agriculture, infrastructure, society and culture in the UK, yet our ability to characterise and predict their occurrence, duration and intensity, as well as minimise their impacts, is often inadequate.

The UK Droughts & Water Scarcity research programme is a five-year interdisciplinary, £12 million+ NERC programme in collaboration with ESRC, EPSRC, BBSRC and AHRC. It is supporting improved decision-making in relation to droughts and water scarcity by providing research that identifies, predicts and responds to the interrelationships between their multiple drivers and impacts.

A dry river bed in the UK

A dry river bed in the UK, © British Geological Survey

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  • How to be prepared for a dry summer

    The Environment Agency’s Lee Rawlinson, area director for Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire, on the importance of being prepared for dry spells.

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